How to Deal with Embarrassing "Backne"

Back acne, also known as "backne," can be more severe than acne in other areas, as it usually involves deeper lesions and covers a larger area of skin that is more difficult to reach. If you're embarrassed by acne, dark spots and rough uneven skin on your back, then the winter is an ideal time to address this issue so that you can bare your summertime shoulders without second thought. 

What causes backne?

Although backne can appear worse than acne on the face, it is triggered by similar factors such as hormones, an imbalance in skin bacteria, and even hair and skin care products that may irritate the skin and clog the pores and hair follciles on your back. Backne may flare up during the warmer months and from wearing tight clothing, which causes your body to sweat more and produce more oil.

Simple steps to prevent and treat backne are:

What is an "intensive back treatment" and why should I get one?

As acne and cysts on the back can lead to scars and even large keloids, it is important that you get it cleared up as soon as possible. As it's very difficult to reach all parts of your own back, our intensive back treatment is ideal to extract clogged pores, exfoliate, hydrate and infuse targeted serums directly into your skin.  At Eternal Dermatology, we will not only give your pores a much needed deep-cleaning, but our board-certified dermatologist will also give professional advice on how to improve your skin care routine to prevent recurrence.  

If backne and the resulting scars and discoloration are bothering you, call us now or book online.




Dr. Ife Rodney

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