Microneedling: Unlocking Your Skin’s Natural Radiance

Are you looking to revitalize your skin and achieve a more youthful, radiant complexion? Discover the transformative benefits of microneedling at our dermatology clinic. If there’s a procedure that our patients continue to rave about, it’s microneedling.

Our experienced team at Eternal Dermatology + Aesthetics offers state-of-the-art microneedling treatments, a minimally invasive and highly effective procedure that can address a range of skin concerns.

Eternal Dermatology is one of the premier microneedling Columbia locations, catering to persons in Fulton, Laurel, Silver Springs, and more.

We perform personalized anti-aging and skin-enhancing treatments so you can look your best. Call the office or schedule a consultation with our experienced team today.

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What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a simple and safe treatment in which tiny, sterile needles are gently pressed against your skin to stimulate collagen formation. Your dermatologist will apply the treatment using a pen-shaped device. The new collagen makes your skin look younger and tighter. It also improves fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. Microneedling is a good option to other anti-aging procedures like injections and surgery. There are few side effects and minimal downtime.

It can be used on most areas of your face, including:

  • Forehead
  • Between your eyebrows
  • Cheeks
  • Jawline
  • Around your mouth
  • Neck area

With just a few sessions, you’ll see lasting results. Now is a great opportunity to use your body’s natural regenerative factors to transform your skin. Schedule Microneedling in Columbia, MD, today.

The Microneedling Advantage – enjoy these benefits

Skin Rejuvenation: Microneedling offers a non-surgical solution for skin rejuvenation. It’s a versatile treatment that can improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance overall skin quality.

Fine Line ReductionFor those seeking to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, microneedling for wrinkles can help stimulate collagen in problem areas, leading to a smoother complexion.

Acne Scar TreatmentMicroneedling is an effective option for addressing acne scars. It encourages the skin to heal and regenerate, reducing the visibility of acne-related blemishes.

Microneedling for Stretch Marks: Some people struggle with unsightly stretch marks. Microneedling may help break up the scar tissue, allowing new collagen and skin to grow, which fades stretch marks.

Hyperpigmentation Correction: If you’re dealing with uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation, microneedling can help break up pigment clusters, leading to a more even complexion.

Safe and Effective

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Eternal Dermatology + Aesthetic’s dermatologists are experienced in performing microneedling procedures, ensuring that you receive the highest standard of care.

We use advanced microneedling devices that are designed for precision and safety. You also have the option of radiofrequency RF microneedling, which takes things up a notch. With RF microneedling, you produce even more collagen to help refresh and restore your skin.

Microneedling | Columbia MD | FAQs

How Does Microneedling Work?

By pricking your skin with tiny needles, microneedling increases new collagen production. This reduces:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Large pores
  • Minor scars
  • Uneven tone and texture

Collagen is responsible for the elasticity and firmness in your skin. However, collagen fibers decrease as you get older. Therefore, microneedling helps to restore smoothness and fullness that may be lost due to aging, stress, and environmental factors.

What Happens During A Microneedling Treatment?

The Initial Consultation

During your consultation, we’ll assess your skin’s unique needs and discuss your goals. Dr. Rodney will recommend the most suitable microneedling treatment plan tailored to your specific concerns, whether for acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, or overall skin rejuvenation.

Microneedling Aftercare and Recovery

After the procedure, we’ll provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery. Most patients experience minimal downtime and can resume their regular skincare routine shortly after treatment.

Microneedling and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

For enhanced results, ask about our microneedling combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment. Microneedling with PRP utilizes your body’s growth factors in your blood to further stimulate collagen production and accelerate the skin’s healing process.

We focus your treatment on the areas that concern you most. During the procedure, you might experience a pinching or tingling sensation. Depending on the size of the treated areas, your session may last 30-45 minutes.

Is Microneedling Only For My Face?

Microneedling shows amazing results when used on the face. However, you can use it on almost any part of the skin, including the scalp or body. For example, microneedling your neck and chest helps with sun damage. On the other hand, using it on the scalp can help with hair loss. On the body, it treats cellulite and stretch marks.


How Often Should I Get Microneedling?

It depends on the area treated and your needs. On average, you will need 2-3 treatments, every four weeks.

Who Should Not Get Microneedling?

While safe and gentle, microneedling is not for women who are pregnant, or breastfeeding. Furthermore, it isn’t for anyone taking certain acne medications. Before your session, we will perform a detailed assessment to make sure that it’s right for you.

What Results Can I Expect?

Immediately after your treatment, you may notice mild irritation or redness. This usually goes away within a few hours to a day. Your skin may also feel warmer and fuller right away.

As your skin heals over the next week, new collagen begins to develops. You will start to see fuller, tighter skin over the next month.

How Can Eternal Dermatology Help With Microneedling?

Microneedling is a fast, minimally invasive treatment for the reduction of fine lines and skin imperfections. At Eternal Dermatology, our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Ife Rodney, is a microneedling specialist serving Columbia MD, and surrounding areas. We combine microneedling with radiofrequency or other treatments to give you amazing results. Click the link below to book an appointment or find out more information from our helpful team.

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Experience the Microneedling Difference

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