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Earlobe Repair

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Heavy earrings and ear gauging are understandable trends.  However, while stylish, both can cause lasting damage to your earlobes, stretching and even tearing them entirely.

At Eternal Dermatology, board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Rodney, can erase any signs of past damage with a simple and virtually painless outpatient procedure. 

How are torn earlobes repaired? 

Depending on the degree of damage to your earlobe, there are multiple treatment options. 

For mildly stretched earlobes, the least invasive treatment option is to inject a small amount of filler, such as Restylane or Belotero, directly below the piercing.  This works to counteract the ‘drooping’ effect and provides temporary cosmetic improvement, lasting from 6-12 months on average. 

For more severe stretching, a quick and easy surgical procedure is recommended.  Surgical repair involves the application of a local anesthetic, excision of the damaged tissue, and repair of the treatment area with sutures.  This doesn’t mean the end of earrings for you.  After it has healed, you can re-pierce your ear and have a fresh start. 

Finally, for fully split or torn earlobes, surgical repair is the only recommended course.  But don’t fret – it’s hardly any more invasive than the treatment for stretching.  Using a local anesthetic, we remove the damaged tissue on the inside of the tear and carefully suture both sides to fully restore your earlobe’s normal look. 

How long should I wait before re-piercing my ear?

For fully split or torn earlobes, at least three months of recovery are recommended before re-piercing.   

If you would like to repair your torn or stretched earlobes, and be able to wear earrings again, contact Eternal Dermatology today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ife Rodney, MD.